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photo by Becky McNeel

Tony Gedrich has been practicing Reiki therapy since 2012. He trained in Reiki levels 1 and 2 in New York City with Ana and Carlos Gonzalez, from New York Int'l Reiki Center, and Master and Teacher levels in Dharamshala, India with Amit Namdev of Amit Reiki. In 2015, he received certificate in Medical Qi Gong from Three Treasures Healing, studying under Lisa Van Ostrand. In 2023 Tony graduated from the massage therapy program at Queensborough Community College. Outside of the field of therapeutic work, Tony writes and performs music on bass, violin and electronic media and he works as a technician with audio and video electronics.



Services offered:


Standard Reiki session, ~60 mins: $100

A standard session covers the full body from the head to the feet in 15 standard hand positions to provide general whole body/mind coverage. These hand positions serve as a rough guide to then be customized to the needs of the client. Most sessions are tailored to target specific problems. Longer or shorter sessions can also be arranged depending on need.


Distant Reiki session, ~30 mins: $45

Distant Reiki can work on a specific problem or cover the whole person generally. You can receive the strengthening and calming effects of Reiki even when you are not in the same continent! More info.


Bulk prices can be set for groups or individuals seeking a complete course of treatment. For those with financial limitations, discounted prices can be set in special circumstances. Call or email for more information. 








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