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Reiki 1 Retreat
August 11-13, 2023

August 11th evening to 13th afternoon, $150

Come to western Catskills for a beautiful weekend retreat for an introduction to the Reiki healing system. Reiki therapy is a hands-on energy work healing practice that incorporates Buddhist principles of compassion and love. With reiki, you will learn to empower the non-physical aspects of self (spirit, qi, aura) to influence the energy of the client. Students will receive a reiki attunement (an empowering and healing transmission of the reiki energy), learn meditation skills and practice giving healing sessions. This class is open to participants of all levels of experience in healing modalities.

The retreat will be in the town of Franklin, NY in the western Catskills near Oneonta. Guests are invited to camp out on our beautiful property. You may reserve one of our spare tents or bring your own. This site is best suited to those comfortable with rustic camping without running water and using an outhouse. For those that would like more comforts, you are welcome to rent an AirBnB in the vicinity. One communal meal is planned for Saturday evening. Other meals can be prepared communally or separately depending on guest interest.

For those taking mass transit, rides from the Delhi, NY bus station can be arranged on Friday evening.

Tentative schedule
Arrive an time to settle in to your lodging (optional)
8pm           Intro and evening meditation

10am        Arrival for those who can't make it on Friday evening
11 - 1pm  History, attunement
1pm          Lunch
2 - 6pm    Feeling qi, scanning, energetic anatomy, basic protocol, dry-bathing
6-8pm      Dinner

9-1pm       Full treatment practice, Reiki for environment/food, self-care
1pm           Lunch
2-4pm       Optional spill over practice and odds and ends
4pm           Head home

Tony Gedrich is has been practicing Reiki since 2012. He first studied with Ana and Carlos Gonzalez from the International Center for Reiki Training, NY. Within a year, Tony traveled to Dharamsala, India to receive his master/teacher level training from Amit Namdev. In 2015, he studied medical qi gong with Lisa Van Ostrand to learn energy work from the TCM perspective and develop self cultivation practices. He now teaches qi gong meditation classes to empower clients to be able to cultivate/regulate their own mind-body connection and mental/emotional health. Recently, he has also trained to be a massage therapist in NY state. Besides healing and energy work, Tony is also a musician playing a wide range of styles from ambient to improvisation to metal.

To reserve a spot in this retreat or to get more info, send an email to

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